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Southampton Pre-Cruise Getaway: Day Trip to the Isle of Wight

Experienced cruisers know the importance of arriving at their embarkation port the day before sailing. If you’re departing from Southampton, consider swapping the bustling London crowds for a relaxing pre-cruise stay in this charming port city. Why? Because a hidden gem awaits just a short ferry ride away!

Southampton offers a delightful bonus โ€“ a quick escape to the Isle of Wight! Once a favourite retreat of Queen Victoria herself, the Isle of Wight boasts picturesque villages, sandy beaches, and iconic landmarks waiting to be explored. Queen Victoria’s former summer residence is also open to the public! So, make the most of your pre-cruise time with an unforgettable day trip to the Isle of Wight.

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Getting to the Isle of Wight from Southampton

Red Funnel car passenger ferry across the Solent towards Isle of Wight
Red Funnel vehicle/passenger ferry service to Isle of Wight (East Cowes)

The Isle of Wight is incredibly accessible from Southampton, making it the perfect day trip destination. Here’s how to get there as a foot passenger:

  • Red Funnel Ferries:
    • Choose between a vehicle/passenger ferry service to East Cowes (around an hour) or a high-speed passenger only Red Jet service to West Cowes (30 mins).
    • If you arrive in West Cowes, you can use the Cowes Floating Bridge (โ‚ฌ1.50 return) to cross over to East Cowes. Osborne House is in East Cowes.
  • Booking Tickets: No pre-booking needed for foot passengers as ferry services are frequent and hardly ever sell out. Both the normal ferry and the high-speed Red Jet off-peak day returns start at ยฃ22.10.
  • QuayConnect Bus to Red Funnel Terminal: To get to the Red Funnel ferry terminal , you can walk from Southampton town centre or catch the QuayConnect bus service. Check route & timetables here. The QuayConnect bus is only free to those with a valid Red Funnel ticket, so purchase your ferry tickets online first.

Tip: If you live in the UK and plan to drive down to Southampton, definitely pre-book your vehicle crossing to the Isle of Wight to guarantee your space. Or, consider ditching the car altogether and experience the ease of traveling to the Isle of Wight as a foot passenger for the day. You don’t need a car for Osbourne House or West/East Cowes but take your car if you plan on going elsewhere on the island.

Sailing out of Southampton?

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Top Things to do on Your Isle of Wight Trip

1. Dive into History at Osborne House

Osborne House Isle of Wight Main House from Garden

Step back in time and experience the grandeur of Queen Victoria’s beloved seaside retreat at Osborne House. Initially drawn to the Isle of Wight’s mild climate and stunning scenery, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert purchased the Osborne Estate in 1845. Dissatisfied with the existing house, they commissioned the construction of a grand Italianate-style palace, a testament to their love and shared vision.

Osborne House offers a fascinating glimpse into royal life. Wander through lavishly decorated rooms, including the stately Durbar Room, inspired by India, and the intimate family dining room. Imagine walking the same corridors as heads of state and members of Europe’s royal families, who were frequent visitors. Explore the private apartments where Victoria took refuge after Prince Albert’s tragic death, her grief forever imprinted on the house’s atmosphere.

Beyond the palace, the expansive grounds of Osborne House offer a delightful escape. Admire meticulously designed formal terraces, stroll through vibrant flower gardens, and uncover hidden paths winding through the woodlands. Follow a trail down to the Queen’s private beach, where she and her children often bathed and enjoyed the tranquil seaside setting.

Fountain outside Osborne House, leading to the gardens
Fountain outside Osborne House, leading to the gardens
  • How to get there: 1 mile (1.6), slightly uphill walk from East Cowes ferry terminal. Or buses #4 or #5 from stop outside the ferry terminal will drop you off right at the entrance gate. Single tickets are ยฃ2. Pay cash to driver or tap your contactless card to pay.
  • Opening Hours: Summer hours are 10am – 6pm, winter hours are 10am – 5pm. Double-check opening hours on Osborne House website
  • Ticket Prices: Osbourne House operates variable pricing – off-peak adult tickets are ยฃ18.10, kids (5-17) are ยฃ11.30, seniors 65+ are ยฃ16.30 and family tickets (2 adults & up to 3 children) are ยฃ47.50.
    • Online advance tickets are cheaper than ticket office prices, even if you book up to 8:45am on the day of your visit!
    • For those living in the UK, this is an English Heritage property. English Heritage membership will get you free entry.
  • Swimming at Queen Victoria’s private beach: Queen Victoria wrote, “We have quite a charming beach to ourselves” in 1845. Charming indeed! Not only is it sandy, it is shallow enough for kids to enjoy too. Queen Victoria regularly bathed here and her children learned to swim in the beach. Check out Queen Victoria’s “bathing machine” while you’re there. There are change rooms and showers. Or just chill on a (free) deck chair to enjoy the sea breeze.
  • Picnic Tip: While there are restaurants and cafes at Osborne House, you may want to assemble your own picnic at the Waitrose supermarket just outside the East Cowes ferry terminal before heading to Osborne House. For non-Brits, Waitrose is considered as the supermarket chain with the best quality in the UK. There are loads of ready-to-eat picnic foods in Waitrose to choose from.

I spent 4 hours at Osborne House – about an hour touring the house, two hours walking around the gardens and the estate and an hour having a picnic by the beach and enjoying the sea breeze. If you plan on swimming as well or just chilling on the beach, you may well find yourself spending the whole day here before returning back to the ferry terminal. But if not, note that Osborne House is definitely the star attraction on Isle of Wight. Or unless you want to hop onto a bus for a long-ish drive across the island.

2. Explore Charming Cowes

Before or after your Osborne House adventure, take some time to soak up the atmosphere of Cowes, a quintessential seaside town renowned for its sailing heritage. Return back to East Cowes ferry terminal and cross over to West Cowes via the Floating Bridge. West Cowes offers a delightful mix of maritime history, independent shops, and welcoming cafes.

Stroll along the waterfront, admiring the yachts bobbing in the harbor. Browse the boutiques and quirky shops lining the narrow streets. Treat yourself to fresh seafood at a harborside restaurant or grab a classic fish and chips to savor by the water. For a touch of history, visit the Cowes Maritime Museum or explore the historic Northwood House and Park. Cowes provides a lovely glimpse into the island’s coastal charm, complementing the regal experience of Osborne House.

3. Journey to the Iconic Needles and Alum Bay

View of the Needles, Isle of Wight
View of the Needles, Isle of Wight

For those with a little more time and a thirst for dramatic coastal scenery, consider a bus journey to the western tip of the Isle of Wight. Here, you’ll find the iconic Needles, three chalk stacks rising from the sea, and Alum Bay, known for its vibrant sand cliffs.

Embrace the scenic journey with a bus ride from Cowes, taking in sweeping coastal views. For adventurous types, hike to the Old Battery at the top of the cliffs for panoramic vistas of the Needles. If you prefer a closer look, opt for a boat trip that takes you right up to the base of these striking formations. And in Alum Bay, admire the naturally colored sands or create a unique souvenir with a glass container of the layered sand.

  • How to get there: From East Cowes ferry terminal, catch bus #1 or #5 to Newport bus station (last stop). Then change to bus #7 or #12 to Alum Bay. The Needles Breezer is a circular route around the western tip of Isle of Wight and will take you all the way to Needles Battery. The journey will take around 90 minutes each way. A 24-hour bus ticket is ยฃ15 with the Needles Breezer service and ยฃ10.50 without.
  • Opening Hours: Open 10am – 4pm. Peak summer hours will be longer. Check on website here.
  • Ticket Prices:
    • Entrance to the Needles Attraction is free; chair lift is ยฃ9 return.
    • Entrance to the Needles Battery is ยฃ8 – for Brits, this is a National Trust property. Members of National Trust can visit free.
  • Important Note: If the weather is windy or rainy, the chairlift down to the beach may be closed, limiting your experience. Consider saving this excursion for a clear day.
  • My Take: While the bus ride offers lovely coastal scenery, I found the Needles Landmark Attraction somewhat underwhelming, especially on a cloudy day. It’s a worthwhile addition to your day trip only if you have ample time after exploring Osborne House or a deep love for coastal formations. The chair lift is not suitable for those scared of heights; I could not look down at all!

Whether you’re seeking a charming pre-cruise escape or a day brimming with history and coastal beauty, the Isle of Wight delivers! While the island offers much more to explore for those with extended time, the highlights above are likely all you have time for on a day trip.
I hope your Southampton stop and Isle of Wight adventure are filled with unforgettable memories. If this guide has helped you plan, please share it with your fellow cruisers. And, above all, have a wonderful time!

Feature Image courtesy of Visit Isle of Wight

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